At Z Design Studio, we break free from the ordinary, infusing spaces with a unique blend of art and industry. Established in 2016, our studio is a living canvas of passion, creativity, and a rich manufacturing legacy. What sets us apart is an unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with an innovative approach to decorating spaces.

Our creations are more than products; they're expressions of unparalleled quality, crafted with the finest materials. By seamlessly merging old-world craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, we create masterpieces that redefine the boundaries of design.

We empower you with creations that transcend functionality, offering limitless possibilities to express your individual taste. Every piece becomes a brushstroke on the canvas of your space, turning it into a unique work of art.

Quality is at the core of our services, from conceptualization to production. Rigorous quality control ensures each creation exceeds expectations. Our designs incorporate the latest concepts and technologies, providing innovative solutions for modern spaces.

Beyond inanimate pieces, our creations invite you to become a co-creator in the design process. Your creativity blends seamlessly with ours, making each creation a collaborative masterpiece reflecting your unique style. Welcome to a space where innovation meets artistry, and every creation tells a story.

Personal Bio - Niloofar

In the heart of Z Design Studio's creative journey is the visionary founder, Niloofar. Her story is one of a passionate pursuit that began in her childhood, surrounded by the harmonious blend of art and industry. Raised by an artist mother and a mechanical engineer father with a remarkable 30-year track record in successful manufacturing, Niloofar inherited a love for creativity and a strong work ethic. Fueling her ambitions, she earned a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering, later complemented by another in fine art with a minor in furniture design, a testament to her relentless pursuit of the intersection between art and industry.

Niloofar's journey unfolded as a quest to explore the synergy of creativity and craftsmanship. In 2016, she founded Z Design Studio, channeling her passion into designing and producing architectural wall dividers and 3D wall panels. Her mission was clear—to create products that reflected creative concepts and seamlessly blended old-world craftsmanship techniques with modern technologies like Laser cutting, CNC cutting, and woodworking.

Today, Niloofar's artistic vision shapes Z Design Studio, driving the team to craft unique and expressive products that enhance spatial experiences. Her family's support has been instrumental, reflecting a heritage of successful manufacturing. 


Our mission

At Z Design Studio, we are on a mission to redefine the way spaces are adorned. Our commitment is to excellence in design and manufacturing, driven by a passion for the seamless integration of art and industry. We believe in crafting products that enhance spatial experiences and also reflect authenticity, creativity, and a caring touch. Our mission is to empower clients with products that go beyond decoration; they are an expression of individuality, a testament to quality, and an embodiment of innovative design.

We serve clients across

Ontario, Quebec, British Colombia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Arizona, Washington.

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