About Z Design Studio

Decorative Screens/Room Dividers and Wall Decors

Z Design Studio developed out of Niloofar’s passion to combine art and industry, which roots back in her childhood. She had always been known by all family and friends for her creativity and hard work. She was raised by an artist mom and a mechanical engineer dad who developed a most successful business back home and has a fascinating 30 years’ track record of successful manufacturing. Niloofar got her bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and then her passion for art led her to get another bachelor in fine art with a minor in furniture design.

Since then this family has been looking for an opportunity to explore the idea of combination of art and industry. Their passion and skills led them to design and create products which can reflect this creative concept. They finally ended up designing and producing screens, room dividers and wall decors using old-world craftsmanship techniques and modern technologies (such as Laser Cut technology) for those who are looking for a unique way to express their taste in style. Their products not only enhance your experience of space but also provide a beautiful decorative accent for it.

Decorative screens or room dividers can dramatically change the design of your space; Whether you want to divide a big space in two separate rooms, but you don’t want to pay a big fortune for construction; Or you have a small space but you’re looking for ways to add privacy or hide clutter, our fancy room dividers bring a new dimension to your space without sacrificing its beauty.

Z Design Studio also provides a wide range selection of wall decors that suit any style and would bring your walls to life. We have products available in a number of materials and finishes including MDF, plywood, acrylic, polypropylene and mirrored acrylic that all are proudly made in Canada!

We are committed to excellence in design and manufacturing with the highest quality and with a fresh and unique approach to decorating your space. This is what drives us forward and ensures the satisfaction of our customers. The values of authenticity, creativity and caring guide our company and describe how we interact with our clients and business partners.